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Shot Peening Of Titanium Alloy Blades For Aero Engine

Time: 2018-01-03


To study the residual stress field of titanium alloy blade of aero-engine, grasp the distribution rule of residual stress after shot peening and use,

provide basis for evaluating the safety and reliability of blades, and provide data support for predicting residual life of blades.



the residual stress field of titanium alloy fan blade and compressor blade after shot peening,

the distribution of residual stress along the depth of the shot and the residual stress decay after use were tested and analyzed by X ray diffraction.


Results: after shot peening, the 90% residual stress of fan blade was -600--800 MPa, the residual stress was -682 MPa,

and the 90% residual stress of compressor blade was-500--700 MPa, and the residual stress was -603 MPa.

The surface residual stress of fan blade and compressor blade is about -610 MPa after shot peening.

There is a maximum residual compressive stress at 11 μm and 13 μm of sub surface layer, which are -739 MPa and -683 MPa respectively,

then the residual compressive stress decreases with depth.


After 300 h, the stress distribution of fan blades is -460--720 MPa. After 600 h, the stress distribution is -430--700MPa.

After 300 h, the stress distribution of compressor blades is -470--670 MPa, and the stress distribution is -360--620 MPa after 600 H.

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