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Our advantage

Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd

Mayflay Machinery Main Advantage Are Product Advantage

Shot blasting machine advantage:

1.Using full manganese steel  body

2.Using advanced wet dust collector system

3.Using crushed shot secondary separation system

4.Using high performance P series impeller head (die steel CNC machining + vacuum heat treatment)

5.Steel Shot Flow Automatic Control System

6.Steel Shot Automatic Recycle Fault Detection Alarm System 

7.High quality automatic system

Shot peening machine advantage:

1.Adopt elevator shot material recycling system to reach the Max. 15 guns recovery.

2.Integrated design, small floor space

3.Using advanced control system ,In accordance with SAE AMS - 2430 standard

4.Using peach-shaped double-tank shot peening system, can achieve continuous uninterrupted shot peening

5.Dust catcher using advanced secondary filtration ,dust emission less than 1mg/m³

6.Assembly power is about 7 kw, more energy efficient

The Comparison Advantage With Same Industry

1.Environmental indicators reach the European standards

2.The efficiency is increased by 30%

3.Spare parts usage is reduced by 80%

4.Maintainability is increased by 90%

5.Automation degree increased by 50%

6.Integrated design, more convenient maintenance

7.Free experiment before sale service

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Contact Person:Vanessa Fang

Website: www.mayflay.com

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