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New machine rolled off the production line

Time: 2017-06-04

Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co., Ltd is famous for its high quality in the metal surface cleaning industry. The company is based on the quality of survival, technology development, innovation and product development and design concepts.

Mayflay new machine rolled off the production line


The newly developed MHB2-1216P11-2 hanger type shot blasting machine has the following advanced technical characteristics:
(1) adopt full manganese steel body, the design life is 20 years
(2) adopt advanced wet dust collector technology
(3) adopt secondery separating system
(4) using high performance P series impeller head (dia steel, CNC processing + vacuum heat treatment)
(5) automatic control system of steel shot flow
(6) the main machine adopts 3 layers sealing structure, without any steel shot leakage
(7) automatic recovery, failure detection and alarm system of pellet

Mayflay new machine rolled off the production line

Mayflay new machine rolled off the production line

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