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Home » Products » Sand Blasting Machine » Sand Blasting Machine MS-9060
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  • MS-9060 Sand Blasting Machine
  • MS-9060 Sand Blasting Machine
  • MS-9060 Sand Blasting Machine
  • MS-9060 Sand Blasting Machine

MS-9060 Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting Machine Advantage:

1.This type machine is suitable for precision workpiece’s surface treatment.

2. It can make use of fine sand materials to blast.

3.The sand materials can be recycled to use, and low sand materials consumption, little wear-tear of nozzle, low cost.

4.Good confined, no powder dust pollution.

5.The window is large and equipped with windshield wiper, making sure the clean visibility.

6.The simple operation, few breakdowns

7.Low noise

8.This machine is made of Q235 steel or stainless steel, so it is durable.

9.It can add the rust inhibitor to the sand fluid, preventing iron workpiece rusting.

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Sand Blasting Machine Description:
1.Abrasive sandblasting is the process of propelling sand at high speeds at an object to remove rust, paint, or other coatings.
2.Other types of abrasive blasting materials exist, such as beads or sodium bicarbonate, but abrasive sandblasting is the specific process of using sand to remove materials.
3.A special machine is necessary to perform this process, and the user of the machine often needs to be trained to use the equipment safely and effectively.
4.The user will also need to wear proper safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and a nose and mouth mask, since the sand can be harmful to one's health.
5.The process of abrasive sandblasting starts with prepping an area in which the blasting can take place.
6.Sand will be propelled from the machine, which means it will be necessary for the user to protect the surrounding area.
7.In some cases, the abrasive sandblasting process can be done in a contained environment that is well ventilated, thereby containing all the sand and debris.
8.In other cases, it may be necessary to lay down a tarp or plastic sheet to collect the spent sand and protect other surfaces in the immediate vicinity.

Sand Blasting Machine Applications:

1.Sand blasting machine are suitable for all metal, plastic and glass products surface treatment.
2.Removing oxide skin,residues burrs and scratches can be used for decoration light, matte and strengthen management.
3.Clean the mold,polishing and atomization treatments of metalwork mold,organic glass and other articles.It features its tungsten steel nozzle with long service life.
Sand Blasting Machine Including:
1.There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system, separator will separate the abrasive from steel.
2.Dust removal system can deal with and collect the emit useless dust, and can vibrating clean up dust automatically. Dust removes effect of good, reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency, and there is no environmental pollution.
3.Suction sand blasting cabinet are suitable for surface treatment of all products of metal, plastic and glass ect. Remove oxide skin.

Sand Blasting Machine Technology Data:

Sand Blasting Machine Technology Data
NO. Technology Data
1 Model MS-9060
2 Application hardware、electronics、mould and some small
workpiece surface rust cleaning ,Degreasing,
deburring,descaling ,cleaning the surface paint,
currently widely used for spraying,electroplate
pretreatment process to enhance the coating (plating)
surface Adhesion.
3 Machine Size L*W*H mm  1000*1000*1600
4 Workpiece SizeL*W*H mm 900*600*600
5 Dust collector Electromagnetic pulse dust collector (filter cartridge type)
6 Dedusting  Fan 550W,220V/50HZ
7 Floodlight 50W-LED Explosion-proof  Light
8 Cyclone Separator 1 PC 
9 Foot Switch 1 PC 
10 Solenoid Valve 1 PC 
11 Pressure Regulation Valve 1 PC 
12 Filter +Automatic Emission 1 Set
13 Pressure 5-8KG,1m3
14 Cotton Glove 1 Pair
15 Low-Voltage Apparatus Delixi
16 Tube/Valve 304 stainless steel
17 Paint White Ripple + Lemon YellowAutomobile paint
18 Total Power 0.6KW
19 Total Weight 0.22T
20 Work Way ManualSiphon Continuous Blasting
21 Shot Media Small steel shotglass shot/sandceramic shot /sandBrown corundumwhite corundum etc.
Application case

1. After Cleaing , Sand Blasting Machine is suitable all kinds thin parts:

2. Before Cleaning


Q:What's Mayflay's Services ?

 A:1.Engineer can speak English.

 2.Free to help customer install machine.

 3.Free to teach and training customer to operation machine

 4. One year warranty service

 5. 24 hours telephone consulting service

 6.Can offer all the things to customer to make products,like material,mold ect.

Q:How long of sand blasting machine delivery time ?

A: 1.Usually 3-5 days when with stock. 

2. If non-standard , the delivery time will be 10-45 workdays.

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