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  • MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine
  • MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine
  • MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine
  • MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Main Parts

1. PLC :Siemens

2.EI Electromagnetic Flow Valve: American EI

3.Automatic Flow Control Valves:Belgium Belimo

4.Impeller Head:China Mayflay

5.Dust Collector :Wet Dust Collector

6.Vibrating Screen:American SWECO

7.Steel Shot : 0.2-1.6mm Steel Cutting Shot

8.Impeller Head: 2 Pcs

9.Dust Emission: Less than 20mg/m3

10.Touch Screen :Siemens

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Crawler Shot Blasting Machine Compared Advantage:

1.Environmental indicators reach the European standards

2.The efficiency is increased by 30%

3.Spare parts usage is reduced by 80%

4.Maintainability is increased by 90%

5.Automation degree increased by 50%

6.Integrated design, more convenient maintenance

Crawler Shot Blasting Machine Application Industry:

1.Small size metal parts.

2.Middle size casting etc.

Crawler Shot Blasting Machine Technology Data:

MB Crawler Shot Blasting Machine Technology Data
Model MB100-P7.5/11-1E MB100-P7.5/11-1H MB200-P11/15-1E MB200-P11/15-1H MB300-P11/15-1E MB300-P11/15-1H
NO. Technology Data Economical High Quality Economical High Quality Economical High Quality
1 Application Casting/Forging surface cleaning
2 Machine SizeL*W*Hmm 2000*1600*4200 1800*2500*5700
3 Roller Lengthmm 850 1200
4 End Dish Dia.mm 600 750 900
5 Loading weightkg 150 500 800
6 Loading Volume 0.1 0.21 0.31
7 One Piece Max. Weightkg 5
8 Produce SpeedBatch/min 5—10
9 Dust Emisionmg/m³ 50 30 50 30 50 30
10 Noisedb ≤85 ≤75 ≤85 ≤78 ≤85 ≤78
11 Total Powerkw 16 or 19.5 16 or 22.5 27.1 or 34.1 27.1 or 43.17 27.1 or 34.1 27.1 or 43.17
12 Compressed Air Lossm³/min 0.5
13 Impeller Head Specification & QTY 1 piece 7.5kw or11kw 1 piece 11kw/15kw or 2 pieces11kw
NO. Configuration Economical High Quality Economical High Quality Economical High Quality

Shot Room Q235A Steel Plate+ High 

Wearproof  Manganese Steel Plate


Steel Shot Automatic Recycle System 

Fault Detection Alarm

3 DC-6 Cartridge Filter YES NO YES NO YES NO
4 WDC-80 Wet Dust Collecotr NO YES NO YES NO YES
5 Q024-7.5kw  Impeller Head YES NO NO NO
6 P7.5 Impeller Head NO YES
7 Q034-11kw Impeller Head YES NO YES YES
8 P11 Impeller Head NO YES NO YES NO YES
7 Q034-15kw Impeller Head NO YES NO YES NO
9 P15 Impeller Head NO. YES NO YES
10 Automatic Loading System YES
11 Automatic Unloading System YES
12 Steel Shot Flow Semi-Automatic
Control System
13 Steel Shot Flow Automatic Control System NO YES NO YES NO YES
14 Impeller Head Frequency Adjust Speed NO NO NO
15 Roller Track YES YES YES
16 Electrical Cabinet Air Condition NO YES NO YES NO YES
17 Soundproof  Room
18 Storage Silo Alarm System
19 Maintenance Tool (1 Set) YES
20 Spare Parts FOR CHOOSING
Application case

1.Chain Industry:

2.Air Compressor Indusstry


Q:How to choose the right shot blasting machine every time ?

A:When you invest in a new shot blasting machine,you want to know it’s going to work and know customer’s detail requirement and products information clearly.

    You want to know it’s going to deliver the finish that you need at a reasonable cost and with the cycle time that suits your surrounding processes.

    And you’re not the only one – all those factors matter to us too, because we want to get it right first time.

    I work in MAYFLAY’s Customer Application Lab.

    It’s our job to figure out which machine is right for each customer, and having run over 5,000 trials at our headquarters in Guangdong , we’ve got a wealth of experience and data to back up our solutions.

Q: What is your after-sales service?

A:  * Engineer go to customer's factory install.

     * Training how to install the machine.

     * Training how to use the machine.

     * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Q:What is your Pre-sales service ?

A: * Inquiry and consulting support.

    * Sample testing support.

    * Technology solution and quotation

    * We visit customer's factory and negotiations

    * Customer visit our Factory and check our production.

Q:How long time of your after-sale feedback ?

A: With 0-24 hours.

Q: What's your peening machine processing flow ?

A: Raw material to wire cutting to CNC processing to welding to painting to assemble to try running to packing to shipment etc.

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