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Mayflay Wire Mesh Through Type Shot Blasting Machine

Time: 2018-05-10

Mayflay Wire Mesh Through Type Shot Blasting Machine

According to the customer's requirements, Mayflay Team has completed the production of the wire mesh through type shot blasting

machine and it has been successfully installed and debugged at the customer's site.

The customer is particularly satisfied with the machine of our company, and said that they will introduce the industry customers and support the products of our company.

Details of wire mesh through type shot blasting machine:


2. Application:suitable for cleaning and deburring of automobile stabilizer rod, gear parts, plate, steel pipe, casting and forging parts.

2.Feeding size: 1000×300mm

3. Machine size: 10028mm*2415mm*5550mm(L*W*H)

4. Shot Blasting Machine Main Parts:

1 set shot blasting chamber

3 sets spiral pusher system

1 set  elevator system

1 set  separator system

1 set maintenance platform

2 sets of semi automatic flow valves

2 sets of mAYFLAY P series precision CNC impeller head

3 set of belt conveyer system

1 set of wet dust remover

1 set of dusting pipes

1 set of electrical systems (SIEMENS system)

1 set of equipment use manual (including electronic version)

1 set of random spare parts


5. Shot blasting machine structure:

6.Pictures on customer's site:


More information please visit our website:www.maylfay.com


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