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Mayflay Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine MHB2-1717Q11-3

Time: 2017-12-31

Mayflay Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine MHB2-1717Q11-3

Through the full cooperation of our production staff, the hook type shot blasting machine for

our domestic customers has been assembled and debugged, and will be sent to the customer factory site for debugging today.

This hook type shot blasting machine is the largest of our three standard models.

The technical parameters are as follows:

Model MHB2-1717P11-3
MHB2-1717P11-3E MHB2-1717P11-3M MHB2-1717P11-3H
NO. Technology Data Economical Medium Quality High Quality
1 Application Gear/Gear Shaft/Forging casting parts,Etc.
2 Machine Size:L*W*H 9150mm*8400mm*6400mm
3 Parts Size 1700mm*1700mm (Rotary Dia. * Height)
4 Working Way Hanging TypeDouble Hanger
5 Hanger Ratary Dia. 1700mm
6 Loading Weight 1500kgs Including Tooling
7 Produce Speed 10—15 batch/min 8—10 batch/min 5—8 batch/min
8 Dust Emisionmg/m³ ≤30 ≤20
9 Noisedb ≤85 ≤80
10 Total Powerkw 57.25 53.25 53.8
11 Air Lossm³/min 0.5

Pictures for reference:

The hook type shot blasting machine equipped with the three generation MAYFLAY wet dust collector, has the following advantages:

1.More safe and reliable, for fire and explosion prevention

2.Using advanced wet dust collector technology,more environmental

3.Using crushed shot secondary separation system

4.Dust emision less than 20mg/m³,environmental indicators meet the European standards

5.Integrated design, maintainability is increased by 95%

6.Complete machine without any wearing parts

Picture for reference:

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