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How To Use And Maintain The Manual Sand Blasting Machine?

Time: 2017-12-31

How To Use And Maintain The Manual Sand Blasting Machine?

What is sand/abrasive grit blasting process?

Abrasive grit blasting, or sand blast cleaning, is a surface treatment process widely used in a variety of different industries with many diverse purposes.

Abrasive blasting is the process by which an abrasive media is accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air.

The abrasive used varies based on the surface treatment required.

Following is how to use and maintain the general manual sand blasting machine(take Mayflay MS-6050 as a example):


2. Installation requirements

  Sandblasting machine should be placed in a solid ground,do not need anchor bolts.

3. Operation Method

4.1 Connect compressed air source 

 Please make sand blasting machine intake pipe connected to the gas source.

Compressed Air Pressure(bar)





Compressed Air Consumption(m3/min)





.2 Connect Power Supply

  Please make sandblasting machine plug into the 220V, 60HZ power outlet, the power outlet must have a ground terminal.

 4.3 Load Abrasives


 According to the processing needs, select the appropriate abrasive. Open the sandblasting cabin door put abrasive into the sandblasting room;

 abrasive loading capacity is about 50kg/once time. 

4.4 Adjust Compressed Air Pressure

According to the work needs to adjust the pressure valve to control the compressed air pressure into the gun,

the working pressure can be selected within the 2.8-7 bar range.

4.5 Sand Blasting Operating Process 


4.5.1 Turn on the power switch lights lit, dust fan starts.

4.5.2 Open the sandblasting chamber door put parts to be processed into the working cabin, close the sand chamber door.

4.5.3 Put your hands into the working gloves, one hand gets spray gun, one hand grasps the workpiece, making spray gun nozzle align to the workpiece.

4.5.4 Lightly press the foot switch      abrasive is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece driven by compressed air.

4.5.5 During Sandblasting process, maintain the gun and the workpiece between the appropriate jet distance and angle,at the same time,

         make the gun and the workpiece do relative movement so that workpiece surface evenly receive abrasive injection until satisfactory results.

4.5.6 After processing finished, the foot must be removed from the foot switch after the door can be opened only when spray gun stops spraying,

         then remove the parts from sand blasting room.

4.5.7 If still continue machining other parts, do not turn off machine.

4.5.8 Please turn off the machine and power supply when stop working.

5. Common Fault And Elimination Method




Possible Causes 

Elimination Method 


Unclear Sand Blasting Vision

  1. Abrasive contains too much dust.

  1.Change abrasives.

  2. Compressed air pressure is too high.

  2.Adjust sand blasting air pressure.


Low Working Efficiency

  1. Compressed air is too low.

  1.Increase the pressure.

  2.Nozzle and gas nozzle is too small.

  2.Replace the larger nozzle and gas     nozzle.

  3.Broken abrasive and dust is too much.

  3.Empty the old abrasive, then re-load the new abrasive.


Uneven Sprayed Abrasive

  1.Abrasive is too little.

  1. Add abrasive.

  2.Compressed air pressure is too low.

  2. Increase the pressure.

  3.Nozzle is blocked.

  3. Eliminate the blockage.

  4.Abrasive is wet.

  4.Load dry abrasive.

 6. Routine Maintenance  

1. Gas Road, Sand Road: Check the pipeline for any damage or leakage, if any, should be replaced or eliminated immediately.

 2. Spray gun and sheath: Check the spray gun and sheath wear, if serious wear or blasting efficiency significantly reduced,

     should be replaced immediately.

 3. Abrasive in tank: if the amount of sand is insufficient, please stop working and add abrasives immediately.

                                It can also be supplemented regularly according to the loss situation during the actual use.

 4. Sandblasting compartment door control protective switch: check gate control protective switch action whether is sensitive and effective,

     if the action failure, should be checked immediately.

 5. Oil-Water Separator: Check whether the oil-water separator whether is hydronephrosis, and if there is a lot of water, it should be discharged immediately.

 6. Sealing and protection: check the sealing parts, especially the sandblasting compartment door seal, whether it is good and effective.

     If it fails to be found, it should be changed immediately; all the protective rubber damaged needs to be replaced immediately.

 7. Electrical control: check whether the operation control of each electrical apparatus is normal. If abnormality is found, it should be overhauled immediately.

 8. Whole machine: wipe out the dust and keep machine clean and tidy after 

9. Power off: the power supply and gas source of the machine should be closed when the machine is power off.

10. Dust collector hopper: dust in the dust collecting hopper must be cleaned up before or after daily use.

11. Filter network: we need to manually clean up the filter net at the bottom of the sandblasting room everyday,

     and clean up the impurities left in the sand blasting process, so as not to jam the filter net and affect the normal filter sand.

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