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Company News

Egypt Clients visit our company to communicate the Glass Sandblasting Machine

Time: 2017-10-18

Egypt Clients visit our company to communicate the Glass Sandblasting Machine 

 Customers from Cairo, Egypt is visiting our company.

Egypt is a country with rich quartz resources. This customer is engaged in the production and processing of glass products.

The main purpose of this visit is to inspect our glass sandblasting machine and wet dust collector,

hoping to etch all kinds of patterns and effects on the glass surface through our sandblasting equipment.

We have operated the process of glass sandblasting and the effect of workpiece processing,

Nabih is very satisfied with the quality of equipment, operation efficiency, processing effect.

Then they visited our latest wet dust collector with unique Venturi design structure, using atomized water to capture dust, eventually forming mud, the actual dust emission is less than 10%.

Professional technical team will not let customers down, customers are so satisfied with our products.

Our glass sandblasting machine has the advantages of compact structure, uniform sandblasting, high processing efficiency, fully automatic feeding and discharging system.







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