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Corporate culture

Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd


Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd is a research and development ,design, production,market, installation ,service and trade in one diversified enterprise.

We own CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, sawing machine,drilling machine, lathe,milling machine,shot peening /shot blasting test equipment,shot blasting /shot peening laboratory ,advanced processing equipment and measuring instruments.

Development History

In 2010, Kunshan Mayflay Machinery Co.,Ltd is established. We design and produces sand blasting machine, shot peening machine and shot blasting machine.

In 2016 . Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co.,Ltd is established. We still produce and sell sand blasting machine , shot peening machine and shot blasting machine. Expand China marketing and open international marketing.

Enterprise Concept:

 Integrity, People First, Quality First, Win-Win.

Product Concept:

Survive on Quality , Promote sales to stimulate production, Continuous innovation.

Enterprise Policy:

Take the market as the guidance, Take the technology as the core, Take quality as guarantee, Take customer satisfaction as the mission

Main Products:

Our main products are shot blasting machine ,shot peening machine ,sand blasting machine ,sand blasting room ,dust collector,steel shot ,spare parts etc.

Shot blasting machine inlcuding below :

1.Crawler shot blasting machine,Model: MB

2.Chain through shot blasting machine,Model:MCT

3.Turntable shot blasting machine, Model:MDT1,MDT2,MDT5

4.Hook/Hanging type shot peening machine, Modle: MHB2

5.Mesh through shot blasting machine, Model: MND

6.Roller through shot blasting machine, Model: MTR

Shot peening machine including below:

1.Turntable shot peening machine ,Model:MRT2,MRT4

2.Threaded column shot peening machine: Model:MSH

3.Station shot peening machine,Model: MST1, MST4

4.Robot shot peening machine,Model:MST4-15L2-1

Sand blasting machine including below:

1.Manual sand blasting machine

2.Automatic sand blasting machine

Sand blasting room including below:

1.Manual sand blasting room

2.Automatic sand blasting room

Dust collector including below:

1.Wet type dust collector

2.Dry type dust collector

Steel shot including below:

1. Wire cutting steel shot

2. Casting steel shot

3. Aluminum

4. Other kinds etc.


1.Cleaning area : casting, forging, heat treatment ,before industrial machinery equipment coating surface cleaning .

2. Intensify area : Shipping,space flight and aviation,rail transport,bridge industry, spring industry , thermal power generation,wind power generation,Oil Drilling,automobile industry surface intensify processing.

3.Industrial dedusting area etc.

contact us

Contact Person:Vanessa Fang

Website: www.mayflay.com

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Add:Gaolian section, Xinfeng village, Xinxu town, Huiyang district, Huizhou city, Guangdong, China.