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Congratulation MS50100 (10m*5m*5m) Sand Blasting Machine Is Finished And Delivery Jiangsu Client.

Time: 2017-09-01

Congratulation MS50100 (10m*5m*5m) Sand Blasting Machine Is Finished And Delivery Jiangsu Client.

The MS50100 sand blasting machine pictures are as below:

1. Try running sand blasting machine pictures:

2. After disassembly sand blasting room picture:

3. We are loading the sand blasting machine to 17m autotruck.

The sand blasting machine MS50100 technology data:

1. The sand blasting room application : All kinds of steel structures, parts of tank, large casting parts, pipe, profile surface sandblasting derusting.

2. The Sand blasting chamber size : 10000mm*5000mm*5000mm (L*W*H).

3. To shot the parts Max. length:8000mm.

4. To shot the pasts Max. widtht:3000mm.

5. To shot the parts Max. weight:16T.

6. Loading way : Trolley loading the parts and feeding to sand blasting chamber,and manual to sand blasting.

7.The sand blasting room is dismountable. We are custom-made according to your requirement.

The sand blating machine MS50100 Including below parts:

1.Sand blasting chamber with 10 pcs dust proof floodlight:1 set

2.Elevator steel shot automatic recycle system  :1 set

3.Separator system : 1 set

4.Maintance platform: 1 set

5.280L sand blasting pressure tank system : 1 set

6.Cartridge Filter dust collector with dust secondary filtration system : 1 set

7.Spare parts : 1 set

8.Electircal system : 1 set

9.Operation manual:1 set

10.Trolley loading system:1 set

Mayflay 's product are 5categories :

1. Shot peening machine.

2. Shot blasting machine.

3. Sand blasting machine.

4. Sand blasting room .

5. Dust collector.

Welcome veryone to ask and visit us ! Thanks.

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